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Inclusive SEO Website Audit and deep action plan to Boost Google Rankings

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Let’s be honest – nobody really enjoys doing an audit of their site. However, as tedious as it might be, it’s an important part since it’s the major ranking factors and if it’s not, then all of your investments are going to waste.

Our Audit Report will give you peace of mind. Through it, you’ll be able to fix issues that may have a negative impact on your rankings.


Comprehensive SEO audit on your site and an action plan to get higher results!

You would get a professional analysis & review of your website. We recommend this service before you start any optimization campaign for your website. Most SEO experts recommend a detailed SEO audit at least twice a year or it seems that your website is not performing well. It’s also very much important when you want to invest in an online marketing campaign, particularly Search engine optimization or marketing, it is important to have a complete analysis of your website.

To help with that, here’s a comprehensive not quick SEO audit report, as well as a few tips for resolving any problems we find.

This gig includes:

  1. List Broken links
  2. Duplicate Content (Duplicate meta descriptions, Duplicate pages, Duplicate paragraphs)
  3.  Meta description issues
  4. Page title issues
  5. NoIndex issues
  6. Spelling mistakes
  7. List of URLs

Finally get a smart SEO strategy that will increase the number of targeted visitors, improve the visibility of your site, help you choose which things to implement to increase search engine rankings.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of sites do you accept to write SEO Reports or Action Plans?
It must be a Published and fully working site (without requiring passwords/signup), however I can ~not~ analyze Etsy / eBay shops, I can not analyze Amazon / Facebook / Yelp pages, I cannot analyze Youtube profiles/videos, and I cannot analyze free hosted * / Blogspot / Tumblr blogs
Will I be able to implement the SEO Audit Report myself?
All reports are written with enough explanations to make it easy to understand the issues and why they are a problem. We may also assist you to implement it.
What format will the report be sent in?
All reports are delivered in Microsoft Excel & PDF format.
Can you guarantee first page rankings?
None can guarantee a site’s specific page ranking since more than 200 ranking factors are there. We check your web pages for errors that can have a negative influence on the search engine rankings of your website.


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