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How to make money with top paying affiliate programs

The ability to earn an income without having to leave one’s house is one of the most prominent reasons people troop in online businesses every day. Everyone loves the idea of earning a passive income as it is not dependent on the hours they work.

One of the most popular ways to do this is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing refers to marketing a product and getting paid commission on every sale made through your referral or marketing. In other words, in affiliate marketing, you market a product through a customized link via whatever means you have online and once a sale is made, you’ve made money. The sales are tracked through personalized affiliate links.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing programs are a favorite of many because they thrive in a wide number of online businesses. You can comfortably engage in affiliate marketing if you have a blog, an app, a YouTube channel, a vlog, and in some cases, you can do this simply by sharing customized links to your friends. It is truly amazing.

There are various affiliate programs. You should know that the profit made on a sale depends largely on the price of whatever was sold. Due to this reason, you should only engage in affiliate marketing of cheap products if you are fairly certain you can make a lot of sales. Or you can simply go with affiliate programs that pay the most.

Realize that with affiliation programs, you must advertise these products. You cannot just post about the products and expect your audience to come looking for them. You must market the product or service in order to make something out of it. Marketing these products serve as the biggest problem online marketers face.

If you have a blog, vlog, YouTube channel, etc. that has a certain niche, it makes more sense to advertise products related to that niche. For example, a makeup site owner should interest himself or herself in advertising makeup products. Similarly, a tech site should interest themselves in advertising technological gadgets.

Common Mistakes Made By Online Affiliates

Most online affiliates make the mistake of selecting services and products to market solely based on what they stand to gain monetarily wise. This is a recipe for disaster. Realize that you can only market a product so it looks attractive when you are attracted to it and possess suitable knowledge about it.

This is to say that you should not just choose a product you know little about due to the commission available. If you do not have suitable knowledge about it, you will not be able to attract many buyers and the aim is defeated. Having suitable knowledge about it includes the pros, cons, and available substitutes. You should know exactly how it works to provide honest reviews about it. These days, buyers are getting smarter and so, they know that if a product is described without a single disadvantage, it might not be credible. Therefore, you should pick a niche you are comfortable with and have high working knowledge about and then, look for high paying affiliate programs.

Another common mistake made is picking a high paying affiliate product even when it is known that the product is not good. Do not be blinded by the monetary compensation and market a product that you know is bad. This is because anyone who buys the product on your recommendation and experiences bad service will never trust your recommendation again. Losing clientele is the worst mistake any online marketer can make.

Different Type of Commission Structures

Commission structure refers to the way payment is made on the products you successfully sell. There are various commission structures that programs use. In fact, the commission structure can make or break a commission deal as there are good structures and not-so-good structures.

There are three main structures:

  • Pay-per-lead: With this structure, a marketer can get paid even if there is no sale made. This can take place when an affiliate earns a commission when a customer starts a free trial. The affiliate gets paid for giving the merchant a ‘lead’ even though no money is made.
  • Pay-per-sale: This is quite common. It occurs when an affiliate is given commission off a sale that has been made. This type of commission is very broad. Some pay a one-time fee. While some others pay consequently. That is, if you successfully marketed something that requires monthly payments, you could get paid every month.
  • Pay-per-click: Like in advertising, this type of structure pays per click. That is, for every customer that clicks on your affiliate link, you get paid. As you can expect, this commission is very rare; not many merchants use it.


Payout refers to how often you are paid for sales made. Your chosen merchant can either offer a one-time payment or a recurring payment. Recurring payments usually happen when the product or service is one that users pay for recurrently. So, as they pay each month, week, or year, you are paid as well.

Both have ups and downs. For example, with one-time payments, the amount is usually substantial. However, some people prefer constant income, at least for a period. When it comes to recurring payouts, the sum is not as much and if your customer opts out, you lose. However, you can boast of steady earning.

Cookie Business in Affiliation Marketing

If you are currently involved in an affiliate program, you should know all about affiliate tracking cookies. If you are about venturing into the world of affiliate marketing, you must know about affiliate cookies. Imagine you own a blog that posts about clothes.

As a marketer, you came across a very nice pair of jeans you felt your audience would love. Then, you took the next step and created an affiliate link and posted about the jeans.

Imagine if a site visitor is scrolling through your posts, comes across the jeans, clicks on the link and likes the product; she decides to buy it. However, she is busy, so she notes the store as well as the brand name. Later, she goes directly to the store and buys the jeans. Since she did not use your link to make the purchase you will not get a commission, right? Wrong. Your commission remains intact due to the cookies.

When a customer licks your link, an affiliate tracking cookie is deposited in their browser. This cookie usually lasts 24 hours and so if a sale is made on the item that you linked to, you still get your commission.

The best types of cookies are the ones that last long. BigCommerce, for example, has one of the longest-lasting cookies. Their cookies last up to 90 days and so, if the sale is made within 90 days, you still get a commission.

Features of Good Affiliate Programs

  • Popularity: By popularity, we do not just refer to how well-known a product is. We also refer to how good of a reputation it has. An affiliate program with bad reviews should not be considered at all. Bad reviews can come from other affiliates as well as customers who have purchased from them.
  • Commission: The commission offered should be sizeable. Some affiliate companies offer rates that are plain rip-offs. Realize that it is not only by amount but also by percentage. The percentage cut you get should be attractive.
  • Commission structure: Consider the payment structure so that you can pick out which merchant you would prefer to affiliate with. Pay-per-sale is very common but if you are lucky to get a pay-per-lead or a pay-per-click offer, you are even luckier.
  • Cookie Length: A large number of merchants are known to offer cookies that last for 24-hours. However, there are better ones that last for months. A longer cookie lifespan is always a plus.

Online Affiliate Programs That Pay The Most

There are quite a number of online affiliate programs that pay sizeable sums. You can make hundreds to thousands of dollars on a single sale if you play your cards right. There are high paying affiliate programs in almost every niche. Remember that it is better to market goods and services that match the content you usually post. Alternatively, you can open a blog, YouTube channel, vlog, etc. that is strictly concerned with affiliation. Consider opening a blog that reviews various products from different niche and links to them.

Here are some of the highest paying affiliate programs in various niches.

Quick Table

Company Commission Cookie Duration
Teachable 30 percent 365 days
Bluehost 65 dollars 60 days
Hostinger 65 dollars 30 days
BigCommerce 200 percent 90 days
Shopify 200 percent 30 days
Amazon 10 percent 24 hours
Sephora 5-10 percent 24 hours
Madison Reed 20 dollars 30 days
WarbyParker 20 percent 45 days
Hubspot 1000 dollars 90 days
Proof 40 percent 30 days
Equifax 40 dollars 30 days
Ace Fitness 8 percent 30 days
Gamefly Varies 30 days
TripAdvisor 50 percent 14 days
BuzzSprout Varies N/A

Website Affiliates

Here are some website affiliate programs that pay the most. You can earn a large commission off them.


Teachable is an online course platform. With this platform, you can build online classes very easily. The platform makes it very easy to do. When you are done building your classes for a course of your choice, you can then sell it to willing buyers. Teachable’s affiliation program is a recurring one that offers a 30% payout. Their cookies are one of the longest-lasting ones available.

  • Niche: Website affiliate
  • Cookie Duration: 365 days
  • Commission: 30% recurring payout


Bluehost is a web hosting company that offers one of the best hosting services available. They are very popular with bloggers all around the world. Luckily, they have an affiliate program that pays quite well. The lowest subscription plan they have available to customers costs $2.85 per month. They offer a one-time commission which starts 65 dollars. A higher sale brings in a higher commission. As an affiliate of Bluehost, you can enjoy high conversion rates if you also patronize them. They pay out monthly but the only payout if you have up to $100 in your account.


  • Niche: Website affiliate
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days
  • Commission: Starting at $65


  • Niche: Website affiliate
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Commission: Starting at $65

This is another top-ranking website affiliation site. They equally have a wide fan base and offer great affiliation programs. Their commission on sales made starts at $60 and you can refer unlimited times. In addition, there is no payment bar.


The eCommerce sector grows larger with each passing year. Technology makes making transactions online a lot easier. Here are some affiliate programs that will definitely pay well.


  • Niche: eCommerce 
  • Cookie Duration:90 days
  • Commission: Starting at 200%

BigCommerce is a popular e-commerce platform used by millions of buyers and thousands of sellers. As expected, they offer affiliation programs and even have long-lasting affiliation tracking cookies. As a bonus, when you sign up with them, they send frequent affiliate newsletters as well as SEO advice. You can earn up to a thousand dollars on a single sale if you play your cards right.


  • Niche: eCommerce
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Commission: 200%

Shopify is one of the more common eCommerce platforms. They offer commission rates of up to 200% on a single sale. In 2017, they made $673 million in revenue. They are a favorite among marketers because they sell almost everything. Signing up with them can earn you up to $2000 on a single sale.


  • Niche: eCommerce
  • Cookie Duration: 24 hours
  • Commission: Up to 10%

Amazon affiliates are one of the most popular. Everyone knows Amazon and it has gained a wide fan base across the world. This is because it is so easy to do. The website is easy to navigate and they sell a wide range of products. They offer up to 10% commission on any sale from your link. The great thing is that if you refer someone to Amazon through your link and they end up buying another product even though it’s not what you linked, you still get paid.

Beauty and Fashion


  • Niche: Beauty
  • Cookie Duration: 24 hours
  • Commission: From 5-10%

Sephora is one of the most popular beauty stores. Every beauty blogger knows just how big the company is. They pay their commissions in percentage so you can get up to 5-10 percent on a sale. However, their cookies last just 24 hours. You can sign up for Sephora’s affiliation program along with other ones.

Madison Reed

  • Niche: Beauty
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Commission: Up to $20

Not surprisingly, beauty blogging is one of the best ways to make money through blogging. Kylie Jenner has become an almost-billionaire through beauty products. If you have a love for makeup and the likes, take it a step further and get into beauty blogging. Madison Reed company offers an affiliate program that pays up to $20 per sale made. The cookie duration is not bad either as it lasts 30 days.


  • Niche: Fashion
  • Cookie Duration: 45 days
  • Commission: 20 %

WarbyParker clothing brand has a well-paying affiliation program. The fashion sector is one that can never die out. People want to look trendy, or at least respectable. If you sign up with WarbyParker, you can be assured that cookies deposited from your links will last 45 days. You also get a 20% commission on every sale.

 Sales and Marketing          


  • Niche: Sales and Marketing 
  • Cookie Duration: 90days
  • Commission: Up to $1000 per sale

Hubspot is a leading platform when it comes to sales and marketing. They make blogging easy for a lot of people. They deal in contact forms, subscription forms, analytics, sales, customer service and many more. When you sign up with them as an affiliate, you can make up to $1000 on a single sale.


  • Niche: Sales and Marketing
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Commission: 40% recurring

Proof is a website affiliate that deals with subscription forms. It is used by a lot of companies worldwide. It works as a pop-up that lets users know who has signed up or purchased a service or product recently. The commissions are up to 40% and reoccur monthly. You can earn over 50 dollars from this alone every month.

Other Great Affiliate Programs In Various Niches


  • Niche: All-in-one marketing software
  • Commission: 33 % recurring monthly commission

 As claims by GetResponse company that it’s the world’s easiest and valuable all-in-one online marketing platform and I think really it worth using this incredible online marketing software.

Plans & Pricing

GetResponse offers a 30-day free trial. It has four plans, and prices reflect features. Discounts are available for annual plans. The starting prices are:

  • Basic: $15/month
  • Essential: $49/month
  • Professional: $99/month
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing with List size:100,000 +

Marketing Automation - New e-commerce features

Join the affiliates who make thousands of dollars every month.


  • Niche: Finance
  • Cookie Duration:30 days
  • Commission: Up to $40

Equifax is for you if you work in the finance niche. This niche is very profitable as spending money is something that people will never stop doing. Equifax affiliate program offers up to $40 commission. The cookies last up to 30 days. You can check out the affiliation program offered.

Ace Fitness

  • Niche: Fitness and Health
  • Cookie Duration:30 days
  • Commission: 8%

More people are starting to care about their health and so the fitness niche is growing more profiting every day. If you blog or post about anything related to health, you can join Ace Fitness’s affiliation program. They offer 8% commission per sale. Their cookies last for up to 30 days.


  • Niche: Gaming
  • Cookie Duration: 30days
  • Commission: Varying PPL, PPS

The gaming niche is another popular one. As technology improves, games are getting better and are racking in more and more sales. If you are an avid gamer, it would be wise to blog about gaming. That is if you know your stuff. The popular gaming company, Gamefly, has an affiliate program. They offer commissions based on pay-per-lead. If a person uses your link to sign up, you get $15. For new games, you get a 5% commission. For used ones, however, you get a 10 percent commission.


  • Niche: Travel and Tourism 
  • Cookie Duration:14 days
  • Commission: Starting at 50%

If you are currently familiar with the travel niche, TripAdvisor will not be strange to you. As a blogger or YouTuber, you can recommend sites and things to do in these places as well as available locations for housing while they are there. You could also do this with the help of TripAdvisor. The cookie duration is 14 days and you can get up to 50% commission on sales.


  • Niche: Podcast affiliate
  • Cookie Duration: Not known
  • Commission: Recurring payments

BuzzSprout is a podcast host. If you have your own podcast, you can market them. Even if you don’t, you can market them on blogs with similar niches. They offer recurring payments. That means you get paid every month once a sale is made. They also give new users a $20  Amazon gift card.

Envato Market Affiliate Program

For the Envato Marketplace affiliate program, all you need to do is create an Envato account. It’s not a special publisher account; it’s just a normal Envato Marketplace account.  Envato Market is the world’s largest creative market place, selling millions of digital assets every year.

With 30% affiliate commission, earning money has never been easier!


Final Words?

  • If you are deciding to join any affiliate program ensure you have a PayPal account.
  • Make sure you actually like and understand the product or services before marketing them.
  • Go for free ones first. Although there are paid affiliate programs that offer courses and training on how to make money, they are not really necessary.
  • Check out affiliate networks.

Affiliate marketing is no doubt one of the best ways you can earn money. This post contains some of the best and most profitable affiliate programs available. If you take time to properly promote your blog, you will undoubtedly rack in many profits. Do you have thoughts on any of these affiliate companies? Let us know in the comments. If you have any questions on this subject, feel free to drop a comment to enable us to answer you speedily.