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21 Profitable Digital Marketing Resources to Grow Your Business Instantly

We don’t have to hide the fact that digital marketers today earn their bread and butter with the help of resources. With the help of these resources, we can obviously save our time and maintain our sanity. The first thing that we have to do is to jot down all the resources that are valuable of all shapes and sizes and obviously of their reliable level. It doesn’t matter what resources you are looking for, but this article will definitely help you to look after the ordinary resources as well as enterprise-level digital marketing resources. There are so many resources, here are the lists of those resources. Have a look and decide which one suits you. 

Some digital marketing resources that help you to grow your online business

  • Content creation
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Video Hosting
  • Website Analytics
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Paid social media
  • Organic social media
  • Content creation resources
  1. Content creation

Blogs, infographics, videos, these all fall under the content creation. More options are there. We have made a list of 39 total free image resources creation, but the most loved ones are,

  • Landscape by sprout social

You have to be sure that your online content should contain an image but unique requirements for social networking site is quite tough to find but this problem is solved with an image resizing tool known as Landscape. This tool turns one image into multiple images and obviously perfectly minimized so that you can use it in your social media.

  1. SEO 

We can’t imagine our life without SEO. Whoever is in digital marketing, must need the help of this basic tool SEO. With so many resources available, finding the right fit is easier said than done.

  • Moz

Moz Local and Moz pro are the two key products offered to customers. Moz local helps in improving their SEO listings. The thing that you have to do is to enter the location of your business information and Moz will work automatically. Moz Pro helps in monitoring link, tracking, ranking, in other words, it guides classic SEO practices.

  1. Video Hosting

Video hosting usually is in charge of 80% of web traffic by 2021. Rather than a secondary channel, the video has become one of the ways of marketing. Much hard work and effort are needed to publish videos, so you have to keep an eye as much as possible.

  • Vimeo

Billions of people and business companies are trusting Vimeo to host their high-quality videos. This tool is encouraging people to host their high-quality video and the viewers could also look for visually stunning videos.

Website Analytics

It is very obvious that most digital mark marketing resources have analytics. But one thing, you have to be very caring and on the data and what actually is going on in your website.

  • Kissmetrics

This is an analytic tool and it helps in increasing conversions throughout your website. It reports you on each part of the funnel and the platform tracks your visitor’s site.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

This tool means to sell products by affiliates on behalf of your brands. In return, you have to pay them some percentage of your sale that they produce. When it comes to selling, people have a tendency to trust their friends instead of companies. Other than that, it is safe also, you have to only pay to those who generate only.

  • CJ Affiliate

CJ has one of the largest networks of bloggers. It is one of the most popular options for advertisers that publishers will help in purchasing and they will pick up your product also.

  1. Email Marketing

Email plays a major role in digital marketing. It is undoubtedly one of the most effective marketing channels in terms of ROI. The email users are growing rapidly and there is no sign of any slowing down. Email probably is the first material in digital marketing that is still being used. In fact, every year email users are increasing by 4%.

  • Mailchimp

The exciting feature of Mailchimp is the sliding price tag based on the size of your email. Mailchimp is a great starting point if you are new in the world of digital marketing.

  1. Paid social media

We all are acquainted with social media sites and we all knew its powers. Paid social media creates a platform for you to increase your business and you can reach to those persons whom you don’t know. Social media is the ideal place to pay for impressions. Through social media, people are advertising their materials and they can sell their items in this way.

  • Facebook’s Power Editor

The personal tool of Facebook is that Power Editor. It helps in creating and running hyper-specific advertising. Facebook is changing its format daily in order to make it more attractive. This is one of the best resources in digital marketing because no third party involvement happens here. The detailed platform of Facebook satisfies our needs.

  1. Organic social media

It is found that more than 5 billion people spend their time on Facebook, 2 billion people on Instagram, 4 billion on Twitter and 8 billion on WhatsApp. So many people are spending their time on these social media, so it became one of the most important channels for brands to leverage. It is one of the reasons that social media management resources have become the staple of companies, both small and big.

  • Sprout social

Sprout works as an intermediate between current customers and prospective customers. It is the social media management and engagement platform for business. If you are new in this digital marketing world, then you can start with this.

  1. Content curation resources.

Marketers always need to fill their calendars to keep up the competition level. We always don’t have time to create something or do something together, so here is the use of content curation resources. This tool will help you to fill up the gaps and keep you updated always.

  • Feedly is an application which is used for web browsers and mobile devices. Feedly was introduced in 2008 but at that time it was not used widely. Cloud service based can also be available.
  1. Customer Service Resources

Customers are switching to online channels with their new enquiries and complaints more than before. If you can’t provide proper service to your customers then obviously you are going to lose your dignity. So here take the help of Customer Service resources, and you can respond with your inbound messages.


It provides you with full support and responds to your customer’s need. This platform tallies all of your transmission channels into one place. Here you can contact your phone calls, emails and chatbox.

12. Wyng

Wyng is an engagement marketing platform that focuses on garnering engagement by user-generated content, hashtag campaigns, referral programs, quizzes, contests, and more. They are concentrated on renovating the way that global names engage and convert today’s mobile and social buyers.

13. Woodbox: Woodbox is a social engagement platform just like Wyng. Wood ox is best known for running competitions. An example of Woodbox is Instagram competition. We all are aware of the fact that Instagram holds the game and which are participated by millions of tons. So woodbox is the reason behind it.

  1. Twitter Native Platform

For the advertisement, Twitter is the best site. Twitter has some incredible characteristics for targeting that includes the ability to target certain keywords so that whenever someone Tweets out, or engages with a Tweet, using that key phrase they will be targeted. The platform is especially useful when targeting mobile users, as 86% of Twitter’s ad revenue came from mobile in 2015. Millions of people use Twitter nowadays.


  1. Marketo

If you want to take your email platform to a more advanced level, then Marketo is the best solution for you. It is not the only part of the tool as emails are huge facets of its business. So those who are in search of an all-in-one weapon can use Marketo. Marketo put stresses on mechanization as part of its suite of digital marketing resources, with email marketing as a major piece of that dilemma.

16. Getresponse

The growing trend of automation is due to the unique email marketing of Getresponse. It deals with specific trends and behavior from your list. This is now topmost digital marketing.

17. AdRoll

AdRoll is one of the most prominent names in the retargeting space. It boasts a customer base of over 35,000 advertisers. Its platform grants entry to over 500 ad exchanges, which encompasses most of the major social media networks. It offers a self-service platform, but you can also influence its workers for extra help if you need it.

18. Retarget

It is such a tool that is used for dynamic retargeting, site retargeting, and search retargeting. The best thing is that you can pass all your campaigns into an account team that will run your retargeting for you. These search services can be combined into a custom package.

19. Choice Stream

The technology of Choice Stream is to process the audience’s data which is actually useful knowledge for brands. Choice stream after that uses this information to target properly to your audience. It boosts the relevance of your ad to your target.

20. Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel is one of the popular resources with a special feature called “Moment Scoring” which provides the competition. This Moment Scoring feature assesses anonymous user data to calculate how likely someone will respond to your advertisement and after that uses this information to decide when and where to serve in your ads. Rocket Fuel offers both a self-service platform and managed services.


The unstructured audience data can only be found in doesn’t rely on pre-made audience segments that categories audience data. So this is considered as one of the greatest advantages if you work with a lot of data.


You must be feeling hungry after knowing all these resources. So, go and grab it. What are you waiting for!! There are many other resources also but this article is only about the basic digital marketing resources.