Google: Do Not Say AMPlify, AMP’d Or AMPed For Google AMP

Since Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages, i.e. AMP, people have been saying their pages are AMPlify, AMP’d Or AMPed – well, Google doesn’t want you to say things like that. Google said using the terms like that will reduce “the strength and recognition of the term.” Instead, use the term as AMP with an applicable noun. So AMP HTML, AMP Cache, AMP JavaScript.

As Aleyda Solis posted on Twitter it is likely not okay for us to use those terms. In the AMP brand guidelines it specifically tells us not to say things like “the website has AMPed
their pages.” Instead, Google wants you to say “the website has AMP Pages.” Got it?

Here are those guidelines as a screen shot:

click for full size

Will people listen? No but hey.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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