December Global Festivities: Some Upset Google Doesn’t Say Merry Christmas

December Global Festivities

If you go to Google’s home page and check out the Christmas logo today, unlike the other search engines, theirs is way more generic to the holiday season as opposed to Christmas, which is today.

In fact, this is commonly an issue every year, where Google simply does not say “Merry Christmas.” And this year is no different. Google is sending users to a search results page that reads “December global festivities.”

A searcher posted in the Google Web Search Help forums asking Google what gives. Why is there no Santa he said? He wrote:

It’s Christmas morning, why is there no Santa Claus Google, GEEZE


Anyway, if you are also upset, you can check out what the other search engines did today.

Merry Christmas!

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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