Ad-jective Analysis: Look deeper into your AdWords search queries

Using adjectives can really bring a piece of writing to life. But what your English teacher didn’t know is that some adjectives have a higher search volume than others, and sometimes the prettier ones don’t get a whole lot of traffic, elegant as they may be.

So at Brainlabs (my employer), we wrote a script that enables you to work out which adjectives are the highest performers. It’s a bit like the script to mine your search queries for n-grams, except you specify which words and phrases you’re interested in.

You don’t just have to look at adjectives, like “cheap,” “easy” or “seasonal” — that’s merely one possible use. Maybe you’ve got different terms for the same product, like “shoes,” “boots” or “footwear,” and you want to know which one to use in your ad text. Or maybe you’ve got a couple of random phrases in mind, and you want to see if there are enough searches including them to justify giving them their own campaigns.

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