Yandex upgrades search algorithm to better understand user searches

Yandex, Russia’s largest search engine, announced they have transitioned to an upgraded search platform named “Korolyov.”

Named after a Russian satellite town northeast of Moscow that has long served as the center of Russia’s space exploration, Korolyov adds two major upgrades above the Palekh system which was launched last November.

  • Korolyov matches the meaning of a search query to all of the content of a web page. Palekh only looked at headlines.
  • Yandex applies Korolyov to a far greater number of pages than Palekh (200,000 vs. 150 per search query).

Palekh was Yandex’s attempt at Google’s RankBrain, and now Korolyov makes it a lot better. The new version of the algorithm is meant to better understand user intent and handle long-tail queries.

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