I Failed: The Google June 25th Update Shows No Patterns

Over the past week or so, I’ve been collecting data on the June 25th Google update. I have received over 70 web sites that claimed they were hit by this update and then I also requested data from SEMRush and RankRanger of the URLs they found that lost a lot of visibility around that date.

I can tell you that after checking both on page and link data, nothing really stands out as a single pattern. The categories of sites that got hit cross between blogs, news sites, e-commerce sites, directories, and even basic corporate web sites. So there is no pattern by genre of site. There is no pattern of the industry any of these sites are in. Many of these sites have no ads at all, some have normal ads, and some have insane penalty worthy ads. Some sites have average content and some have horrible content. Some have very mobile friendly and fast web sites and some do not. Some have very few normal links and some have lots of normal links – some have horrible links.

There was absolutely no pattern here.

One might say this is just a normal core Google update that tries to surface better quality sites but that kind makes me feel I failed you. I honestly see no pattern here and nothing to say like I did with the Fred update analysis.

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