What to make of the EU’s absurd antitrust ruling against Google

Yes, absurd. That was the first word that came to mind when I read the European Commission’s antitrust ruling against Google and the $2.7 billion fine to go with it on Tuesday. A day or so later, I’d add ill-conceived and misguided to that list.

The ruling was levied against Google for breaching EU antitrust rules by giving “illegal advantages to another Google product: its shopping comparison service. Google must end this conduct within 90 days” or face further penalties, European Commission (EC) competition chief Margrethe Vestage said Tuesday. Google says the EU has not proved damage to consumers or its rivals, namely Amazon and eBay.

The wrong argument

First, let me clearly state that I’m not arguing Google is not dominant. Nor am I arguing that Google doesn’t favor its own shopping results. It clearly does. Because it is a search engine. I’m saying the focus on Shopping is the wrong argument.

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