Googlers Submit 20-50 Search Result Complaints Per Day

You all know about the “send feedback” link on the footer of the Google search results page. You can go there to submit your two-cents to Google about the quality of those search results. Google has their own internal form for Googlers to use, which likely get prioritized over submissions you or I make.

John Mueller of Google said that Googlers submit on average anywhere from 20 to 50 submissions per day in that form. He added that in some cases, if the issue is very visible and embarrassing, Google will do a manual fix for the issue – when possible. Otherwise, they use that feedback to improve the search algorithm in the long run.

John said this at the 19:30 mark into the video. He said “internally within Google we have a special form that we can fill out where we say this search result is really bad.” Adding that “we get, I don’t know, order of 20 to 50 of these submissions every day.”

Here is the video:

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