No more ‘OK Google’: Cortana can now be the default assistant on Android

The newest update for Cortana for Android enables users to make it the default assistant on Android devices, displacing the Google Assistant. A prompt when Cortana is initiated takes users through the quick setup process (below).

Once installed, a long press on the home button brings up Cortana instead of the Google Assistant. Users will no longer be able to simply say “OK Google” to access the Google Assistant, although the latter can still be initiated via the Android home screen search box and mic. Cortana cannot be summoned in a hands-free way on Android phones, however.

Previously, Microsoft made Cortana available on Android’s lock screen. This move makes it even more native to Android devices; however, it’s not clear how many people will bother to make it the default assistant. I suspect this is aimed at people who use Windows PCs but have Android phones, enabling a cross-platform assistant experience.

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