Using search and social to support TV advertising

Brands still invest a significant amount of advertising in TV. According to eMarketer, TV spending will be over $72 billion in 2017. While TV is great at reaching a large audience, it is most effective when combined with an effective search and social strategy to be able to fully pull through with your audience.

As your media planning efforts go into full swing, it is important to understand what effect TV will have on your other channels and what best practices can be put in place to ensure your campaigns capture all potential extra eyes on your brand. ROI can only improve if the channels are integrated and not managed in silos.

How SEM can support TV advertising

Be ready for increased branded and unbranded traffic. With over 70 percent of users having a second device up and running while watching TV, according to Manhattan Research, advertising on TV can drive immediate reaction and inquiries for your brand. This needs to be taken into account when planning budgets for the year across both branded and unbranded efforts. Depending on your overall budget for TV and whether you are running in prime time, you can see varying levels of immediate increase in branded searches.

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