Google: You Can Get Unnatural Links From Good Sites & Natural Links From Spammy Sites

Google Frog

Yesterday we reported that there is a difference between links from spammy sites and unnatural links. So it got a lot of people thinking about that, whereas many SEOs try to remove links that are on spammy sites – not all of those links are unnatural. In fact, they may be natural but just on spammy sites.

Which is why John Mueller said to ignore the links on spammy sites and focus on the unnatural links. Of course, you can have unnatural links on spammy sites and/or good sites – but Google wants you to focus on the unnatural links.

John added this morning on Twitter a pretty clear and obvious answer to many people’s questions. He said “you can get an unnatural link from a good site & you can get a natural link from a spammy site.”

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