Study: Q1 Google Display Network placements

One of the best ways to fill the early part of the online marketing funnel is to advertise on Google’s network of partner sites, the Google Display Network (GDN). Essentially, these are websites that are either showing AdSense ads or websites that show ads from DoubleClick (some of the GDN inventory is actually “remnant” inventory that no one made specific placement buys for on DoubleClick).

SEMCopilot, our AdWords management software for PPC account managers, collected data throughout Q1 from both beta testers and paying customers’ AdWords accounts; here is some analysis of their GDN placements.

How our data is organized

To make analysis of placements quick, SEMCopilot’s “Placement Insights” feature automatically sorts placements into 40+ categories. Google has its own categories you can use for exclusion purposes; we assume that most customers are already blocking porn or adult sites and so on. The purpose of our categories is to gain insights into where ads are running, for brand protection purposes and for performance analysis.

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