Was There A Google Algorithm Update On Monday & Tuesday? Unsure.

Google Algorithm Update

Most of the automated tracking tools, with the exception of Algoroo, really showed massive spikes and volatility on either Monday or Tuesday, April 24th or 25th, of this week. The issue is, the chatter in the SEO community is not correlating to those tools. I mean, the SEO community is NOT up in arms, freaking out, about huge client penalties or recoveries or increases in the past couple of days.

Normally, when a massive update hits, I would first see forum posts in the various forums I track with complaints (and some SEOs who are happy with increases). I’d often see huge threads at the white hat and black hat forums and then a ton of individual threads in the Google forums from novice webmasters. I see very very little of any of that over the past couple days. I do see the random one offs, with complaints, but you see those every day.

Here are some screen shots of the tools showing huge changes in the search results rankings over the past couple of days.

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