Google Dance 2017 A Huge Success

Google Dance

Last night, Google had an event for webmasters, SEOs and SEMs called the Google Dance. It was an event they ran annually and then stopped doing for some time until last year and has now done again, a second time in a row.

Last year, I said this dance was about webmaster relations, it was an olive branch shown by Google to webmasters saying, we care about you. The event this year was pretty much the same thing.

Top Google engineers were at the Google Dance talking to ordinary webmasters, agencies and even black hatters – just like the old days. We had people as high as Paul Haahr chatting it up with ordinary webmasters. This year, we even had John Mueller at the event, with Gary Illyes, Maryia Movea and Nathan Johns. Great to see all of them together. I did not see Brian White and some other folks from the Google web spam team but I wasn’t there all night. Lastly, Matt Cutts did not make a surprise appearance, but I don’t think anyone expected it this year.

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