10 ways to improve your business locators

How often do you review your store or professional locator to make sure it is up to date and optimized to convert on the KPIs that matter most? After all, anyone who is visiting your locator is already interested in your brand. Your job is to use your locator to turn that consumer intent into a purchase or lead, as successful online shopping carts do.

At a time when Amazon is giving brick-and-mortar stores the fight of their lives, locators are a not-so-secret weapon to combat Amazon’s dominance — but only if you treat your business locators as revenue generators. Here are 10 tips to get you thinking about your store locator in a new way:

1. View your locator as a revenue generator

If you learn one lesson from this article, it should be this: the goal of your locators is to create revenue for your business, not simply to drive traffic to your location pages.

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