Google AMP Not Currently A Ranking Factor But May Use It In The Future

Google AMP

When Google first introduced AMP, accelerated mobile pages, they said it might be a ranking signal but they ended up not using AMP as a ranking signal and have continued to not use it.

Dave Besbris (Bez), Vice President of Engineering at Google, said yesterday at the Amp Conference that they do not use AMP as a ranking signal despite what people think. And as we pointed out here several times, including this morning, page speed is not a mobile ranking factor (although Bez did not mention it).

He said if they decide AMP by itself turns out to be a signal that signals that this page is a better page for search quality- they may decide to make it a ranking factor. But right now, AMP is not a signal that shows Google a page is better quality. The page may be faster and quick but it doesn’t mean the content and information on the page is any better than a page not on AMP.

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